Do you want to improve the results of your racing project, fulfilling your objectives saving time and money? Contact us!

After the first on-the-water skills test, we will identify where there is room for improvement. According to your own budget, Phi!Number will suggest you the best solutions and the best professionals in the field

Phi!Number allows you to technically improve, to fulfil your objectives, to make the right choices and to minimise mistakes, saving time and money!


Phi!Number collaborates with the best professionals in the field. We just strive for the result, we work with professionals able to intertwine technical skills with relation and communication skill, which can guarantee results and objective achievement.


Phi!Number method is entirely analytic. We say no to chitchat, opinions and empiricism! Phi!Number has chosen a scientific approach in order to provide the shipowner and the team with tangible instruments to make the best choices in order to fulfil their competitive objectives. 

The result will be a better technic and decision-making awareness, a better service on the part of suppliers and, last but not least, a drastic reduction in costs.


  • Logistics and Services

 Budget, planning, efficiency.
 A good planning is at the heart of budget optimisation, team efficiency and success of the competitive season. 
 Phi!Number deals with every single aspect: bureaucracy, transfers, berths, hotels, documents etc.… and the team stays focused on the regatta!

  • Crew

Harmony, concentration, roles. 
Phi!Number offers you the opportunity to make a qualitative leap in a short period of time. Hard work and winning mentality!

  • IRC and ORC certificates

Is your boat really optimised on water and, most of all, on paper? 
We stay by your side when taking choices about boat performance optimisation, looking for the best rating.  We maintain, and in most case increase, your boat performance!

  • Sails

Sails are the engines of your boat!
Phi!Numer will help you chose the most efficient and appropriate sails for your boat taking into account the cost-service-performance ratio and taking care of the R&D, the tonnage and the post-sales services. 

  • Equipment

A good analysis always comes from a correct set of data.
Tired of doing everything by chance, following just your instinct? Phi!Number will help you choose the best equipment, following the fine tuning, polar development, target data and sail crossover. 

  • Optimisation

Hulls, appendages, rigging, sails. 
Your boat can be modified and optimised to be faster, easier and more competitive. Both on water and on certificate!

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