Clinics and Workshops

For personal and team potential achievement, Phi!Number created workshops and ad hoc clinics. Contact us!

Which are the fundamental procedures for mast adjustment? How can we understand if the shape of a sail is correct? How do we learn the regatta tactics? Which is the sailor’s role?

If there are still doubts about these topics, even after years spent sailing, do not panic! Phi!Numer organises workshops to clarify any doubt!

The best champions will be your teachers and tutors!

According to your own needs, you can chose between two different workshop typologies:


Tell us your doubts and your knowledge gaps. We will build an ad hoc programme according to your own experience, planning training sessions both in class and on water! We can organize the in-class lessons in your club or everywhere else, while the on-water lesson will be held on technical monotype or directly on your boat! Contact us!


The workshops offered by Phi!Number are supported by UVAI (Unione Vela Altura Italiana) and focus on the fundamental technical aspects, which are necessary to reach the top potential and the best performances!

They are a good opportunity to receive a high-standard training, as well as to have a dinner with the best skippers you can find on the race camps!

With more than 800 participants in various cities, such as Milan, Verona, Mantova, Bergamo, Parma, Brescia, La Spezia, Pescara e Roma, the workshops are organised for Sailing Clubs or individuals. 

Choose the workshop that best fits your needs!

Phi!Tactics: tactics, strategies, geometries, positioning with the adversaries, communication and wind-phases understanding.

Phi!Navig: Equipment implementation, polars, fine tunings, data registration and communication  with the regatta tactician. 

Phi!Speech: the regatta result as well as the team improvement depend on an efficient and disciplined communication.

Phi!Setup: mast adjustment to sail fast!

Phi!Mental: according to the British Psychology Society, one of the most influential organisations in the world dealing with human potential, mental training can contribute to improve sport performances up to 57%. Think about it!

Phi!Rating: the news of the ORC Category for the current year. A way to understand how to modify your boat!

Phi!Sleep: sleep optimization for single-handed sailors, sportsmen and open-sea sailors. 


Our workshops are open to everybody.

 Advance reservation is highly suggested.

You can send a confirmation email to:

For further information: +39 346 1366308

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