How has your boat to be fast in that particular situation? Which is the distance of the line and of the layline? Which sails do I have to choose with TWS 16 knots and AWA of 60 degrees? How much do I improve during the last season? Which were my mistakes during the last regatta? 

If making everything by chance is no more enough for you, the moment has come to attend our Phi!Navig workshop, which will provide you with the necessary instruments to make more precise polar diagrams, target data and sail crossover, leaving no room for errors. We can help you keep track of what you have learnt, the achieved results and the improvements as far as your performance is concerned. 

70% of regatta boats have on board the best and most expensive equipment, of which just 5% potential is implemented. So, why not to start using the 65% left?


Phi!Navig examines issues concerning the choice and the use of electronic equipment on both regatta and cruiser boats, in addition to the analysis of sailor’s role and the expertise during navigation.


The issues dealt with during this course are particularly useful for regatta participants, but they can result interesting also for sailors who use the standard equipment or portable instruments on board of their boats. 

To attend the workshop it is not required to have experience of particular navigation software because we will deal with navigation equipment on a general frame. Nor is it required to have sophisticated equipment on board. 


  • Acquisition of competences for the choice of the best equipment
  • Acquisition of competences for equipment fine tuning
  • Use of equipment and navigation software during race and cruise navigation
  • Ability to analyse relevant data in order to improve the performance
  • Useful exercises for the management of on-board equipment


A - Workshop overview:

  • Workshop’s programme and aims
  • Sailor’s role and navigation instruments
  • Regatta team building and sailor’s role
  • Sailor’s activity and experts’ data analysis both in top teams and amateur team

B - Choice and development of a navigation system:

  • Equipment, navigation system and data analysis system choice
  • Equipment calibration and fine tuning

C - Use of the navigation system during the regatta:

  • Analysis of typical situations: race start, buoy approach, windward and leeward navigation, arrival, coastal navigation

D - Use of navigation system after the regatta:

  • Data analysis in order to check the performance, the results and the possible improvement areas

E - In-depth analysis of the issues dealt with through practical exercises:

  • Further information and dates will be defined once you will have contacted us:


The workshop will be held in class with PC support. All the necessary materials for studying will be given to participants during the classes themselves. Personal laptops are not required, unless the navigation software is installed on them.  By the way, it is possible to bring to our classes the software you are already using, even if it is not strictly needed. 


Bruno Zirilli and Marco Caglieris, who have been part of the Phi!Number team since three years so far, have developed a specific and structured didactics for the teaching of these important aspects of regatta races. 

Teacher: Eng. Bruno Zirilli, professional skipper and great expert in the filed, he taught this subject to many top teams (America’s Cup, TP 52, GP42, such as Desafìo Español, +39, Azzurra), collaborating with important tacticians such as Paul Cayard, Tommaso Chieffi, Vasco Vascotto, John Cutler and Francesco Bruni –

Teacher: Eng. Marco Caglieris, skipper on board ORC, IRC, X-35 boats. 


This workshop is intended for a limited number of participants and membership is required.

Contact us for further information and for enrolments at +39 346 1366308

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