Free Spirit

Free Spirit by Paolo Rossi

“We have been sailing for a few seasons with a group of friends. I have to say that we have independently grown a lot in these years. However, once reached a certain level, we met some difficulties in improving, while, at the same time, continuing to have fun altogether. That is the reason why I decided to involve Phi!Number in our project, thanks to whom we have started racing in a more aware and profitable way!” – Paolo Rossi

On board Free Spirit, the wonderful blue boat of Paolo Rossi, Phi!Number dealt with the counselling, making them participate to some of the most important regattas on their team agenda. 

The First 44.7, born as a cruiser more than a regatta boat, is not the best boat to partake in races. Nonetheless, Paolo Rossi’s Free Spirit is one of the most winning boats in Italy. 

Last but not least, FreeSpirit’s sails are designed by Battaglia Sails.

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