Low Noise

Low Noise by Giuseppe Giuffrè

Since 10 years LowNoise has been the flagship of Phi!Number: four times World Champion (Brindisi 2009, Cherso 2011, Kiel 2014 and Barcelona 2015), twice European Champion (Punta Ala 2012 and Valencia 2014) and twice Italian Champion (Punta Ala 2008 and Marina di Ravenna 2013). LowNoise is the most winning team in the ORC Category history on the international level, reaching its climax in 2014 when it won all the regattas it partook in and smited its adversaries. 

In spite of this, it is keen on fulfilling new objectives. The 2015 Season opens with a new challenge: a boat designed by Matteo Polli (LowNoise 2, Italia Yachts 998) aiming at achieving and, hopefully, overcoming the amazing results achieved on board M37 (LowNoise 1). 

Thanks to the skills and expertise of Giuseppe Giuffré (appointed Shipowner of the Year for 2015 and trimmer of his own boat), LowNoise, first born as the project of a group of friends keen on sailing, then turned into a team of professionals of undisputable merit.

Following Giuffré’s directions, Phi!Number deals with the entire project both on the team coordination and logistic level and on the boat and sails R&D level.
Low Noise's sails are designed by North Sails. 

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