Lunz am Meer

Lunz am Meer by Marietta Strasoldo

A classy boat, a deep passion and team work: these are the ingredients that led the beautiful Swan 65.1 (1984) to race at the most prestigious regattas of the Mediterranean.

The “Lady of the Seas”, bought in 2011 by the Austrian shipowner Marietta Strasoldo, has been brought back to its former glory thanks to the implementation of the best technologies, while not changing the unmistakable style of the true “Spirit of Yachting”. 

LunzAmMeer has been collaborating with Phi!Number for two seasons, and since the beginning of the collaboration, the competitive project of the crew has increasingly grown as well as their expectations. 

Last but not least, LunzAmMeer’s sails are designed by North Sails/MilleniumSails.

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