Mani Leste

Mani Leste by Giovanni Sanfelice

Mani Leste won the Italian Championship on board the monotype Este 24 in 2010. This regatta was useful for the final tuning of sails (created by Giovanni Sanfelice himself who is working at North Sails as a sail engineer) and the mast as well as the improvement of helming. 

After a few changes to the mainsail and the jib, Mani Leste took part in the Italian Championship organised by Santo Stefano Yacht Club. On board Phi!Number’s Este 24, with Giovanni Sanfelice as helmsman and Duccio Colombi as tactician and advisor, Mani Leste won the Championship (partial results: 5-1-1-2-1-2-1-1-2). 

Many compliments to Giovanni Sanfelice, Duccio Colombi, Marco Poli, Nicola Castelli, Flavia Tomiselli and Clemente Sanfelice. 

Last but not least, Mani Leste’s sails were designed by North Sails.

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