Mental Training

Mental Training Local Education Authority

More than 1.500 sport professors have attended our mental training workshops organised by Phi!Number at the congress centre in Monticello Brianza, in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Education.

According to the British Psychology Society, one of the most influential organisations in the world dealing with human potential, mental training can contribute to improve sport performances up to 57%. We can assure that not only is important learning to win in sport, but it is also fundamental in everyday life. 

Although late compared to the rest of Europe and other countries in the world, Phi!Number is the first company in Italy to include Mental Training and Coaching as a crucial aspect of every single competition project. For this reason, Phi!Number has started a collaboration with Enzo Di Vera, one of the best experts in the sport coaching field, who is in charge, among others, of the coaching of the two Olympic skippers Giulia Conti and Giovanna Micol. 

The coaching activity is entirely aimed at building awareness about the positive results of psychological training, an aspect of competition training that is not usually given the necessary importance and that is often ignored, but that has the same (if not more) importance as the physical and technical preparation. Sport coaching may really make the difference between merely participating and winning!

Issues such as stress management, objective fulfilment mechanisms, the relationship with the self and the other crew members or the overcoming of an injury are all dealt with by sport coaching. They are key factors when it comes to reach excellence and they can be pursed through a valuable mental training as the one offered by Phi!Number.

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