Spirit of Nerina

Spirit of Nerina by Mirko Bargolini

Mirko Bargolini, ship co-owner and team member of Spirit of Nerina on board Rodman 42 and X35, contacted us because he was willing to partake in the Italian Championship of the H22 monotype of 2009. Just 4 training days, final tuning and… result achieved!

On board there were also Andrea Ferrari (ship co-owner and helmsman), Duccio Colombi (tactician) and Paolo Guarricci (bowman). Thanks also to the work and coordination of Circolo Vela Canottieri Domaso in the Como Lake area, Spirit of Nerina managed to achieve the results they hoped for, even if their task was not that easy because of the strict rhythm of the competition (seven races in a row) and the unstable wind, which, nonetheless, did not stop the race. 

Last but not least, Spirit of Nerina’s sails were designed by North Sails.

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