Velerosa by Licia Bologna

“Phi!Number has transformed a group of ten girlfriends keen on sailing into ten professional racers. It has changed ten sweet and twittering young girls into a war machine…” – Licia Bologna

“Hip Hip Rosa!” is one of the first and more passionate projects carried out by Phi!Number: the only women crew racing in the Italian regattas since more than 7 years, on board Mumm30, X35, Comet41S and many more other boats. 

As is quite usual when dealing with women, Velerosa team has demonstrated to be the most determined as well as the one with the highest level of internal organisation. And this is proved by their results during the last few seasons, which often show them in better positions than the ones gained by male crews. 

At the moment, Velerosa crew is racing in the X35 Class, where the high technic level and the physical requirements typical of monotypes constitute a continuous incentive for growth for them. 

Last but not least, Velerosa’s sails are designed by OneSails.

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