Who we are

Phi! Number comes from the experience gained in sports and business of the founders Duccio Colombi and Luca Bacci. In 2017 Marino Alaimo joined the team to support Duccio Colombi in managing sports projects, constantly growing, and services in general. Together they coordinate all activities by defining and monitoring the work of sailors and technicians at the top of international professionalism, setting a single mission: to optimize the aspects of sport projects with the aim of achieving maximum potential and performance.

The counselling and training activities and the service-providing of Team Management and Marketing & Communication allow professional athletes, amateur athletes and ship-owners to to get in touch with a real team of professionals, in the areas of specific expertise. But in order to be part of this Phi!Number Team is not enough to be good sailors. Besides good technical skills it must also has good relation and communication qualities, that can guarantee results both in water and on the ground are indispensable.

Duccio Colombi

Duccio Colombi Founder/Owner - Tutor

Founder and Owner of Phi!Number, Duccio dedicated all his life to his professional formation in the sport sector and to his agonistic training. He has won 11 Italian Championships in different sailing categories, 2 European Championships and 4 World Championships. All these results were obtained relying on non-professional crews. In 2012, Duccio was given the Gold Medal for the Athletic Merit from CONI. 

Marino Alaimo

Marino Alaimo Project Manager

Project Manager at Phi! Number, Marino graduated in Interior Design at "Politecnico di Milano". The academic training and post-graduate professional experiences have defined skills in planning and communication that, after meeting with Duccio Colombi, decided to put in Phi!Number at the service of sail racing world.

Roberto Spata

Roberto Spata Tutor

Roberto Spata as almost all the champions began to race on the Olympic dances by winning the Italian title in the Laser class as a member of the national team. In his career he raced on any type of boat winning today, 17 Italian Championships, 6 European Championships and 5 World Championships.

Matteo Polli

Matteo Polli Optimizer

Expert and meticulous skipper, Matteo reached important achievements both on race camps and in the planning sector. He graduated at Southampton University in Yacth and Powercraft Design, then he further enhanced his competences thanks to an internship at the Starkel Studio, firstly, and to the  2emmemarine shipyard, secondly.

Diogo Cayolla

Diogo Cayolla Tutor

A Portuguese tactic expert, Diogo has partaken in 3 Olympiads: Tornado, 49er and Star. He is currently racing on the fast Extreme 40, ORC boats and monotypes. His ability to race at the maximum levels with different types of boats makes him an amazing team leader and team coach, to such an extent that he his one of the favourite lecturer during our regatta tactic workshops. 

Giovanni Bonzio

Giovanni Bonzio Tutor

Giovanni is one of the tutors Phi! Number most appreciated for the work of coaches, development and preparation crews. Phi!Number chose him for his winning approach, methodical, serious and fair, as well as his deep experience in 360 degrees by acrobatic dinghies (Contender, Australian 18ft Skiff etc.), monotypes and keel boats in the races with system to compensation.

Michele Lecce

Michele Lecce Tutor and broker

Michele is a young and competent professional sailor, winner of 2 world titles and 9 podiums between Italian championships in various classes. He is often used as tutor in various sports projects that envisage the figure of a head area in the bow or in the sails adjustment. Michele is also the main Phi!Number reference for the race boat trading.

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