Duccio Colombi

Duccio Colombi Founder/Owner - Tutor

Founder and Owner of Phi!Number, Duccio dedicated all his life to his professional formation in the sport sector and to his agonistic training. He has won 11 Italian Championships in different sailing categories, 2 European Championships and 4 World Championships. All these results were obtained relying on non-professional crews. In 2012, Duccio was given the Gold Medal for the Athletic Merit from CONI. 

His experience as a trainer in martial arts led him to develop a valuable method to increase the technical and mental potentiality of athletes and sport teams. This winning approach has been since then implemented in all the subsequent projects, both in the sport and in the management sector. 

As a collaborator of the most important sailing magazines in the world, Duccio published many articles on regatta techniques, boat setting and team training on the English Yatching World and on the Italian Il giornale della Vela, Barche a Motore and Mainsail Magazine

Moreover, he is the author of Lo Skiff, the most renown manual on the centreboards in Italy, published by Mursia publishing house. 

Thanks to his experience as an athlete and as a skiff coach, Duccio has become a strong point of reference for many athletes. He founded and directed the first school in Italy entirely focused on centreboards, which put a spotlight on many athletes, organising some of the most important international events related to the Skiff. 

His most recent successes have been in the open sea navigation, ORC category and monotypes, where technique, method, planning, meticulous preparation and boat and crew optimization are fundamental elements in order to leave no stone unturned in the achievement of the best results. 

Nowadays, Duccio and his wonderful team are the main point of reference for many shipowners and regatta crews, offering services aimed at managing, coordinating, addressing and planning the season’s competitions of their clients. 

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