Giovanni Bonzio

Giovanni Bonzio Tutor

Giovanni is one of the tutors Phi! Number most appreciated for the work of coaches, development and preparation crews. Phi!Number chose him for his winning approach, methodical, serious and fair, as well as his deep experience in 360 degrees by acrobatic dinghies (Contender, Australian 18ft Skiff etc.), monotypes and keel boats in the races with system to compensation.

In addition to successes in numerous offshore races, Giovanni is 7 times Italian Champion in different categories, European Champion Contender and 6 times on the podium in World Championships or European hits that have earned the Medal of athletic prowess of CONI.
He previously worked at the sailmaker Elvstrom Sails, dealing project competitions and today is the owner of Sail Addiction, a consulting firm in the world of racing sail.

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