Matteo Polli

Matteo Polli Optimizer

Expert and meticulous skipper, Matteo reached important achievements both on race camps and in the planning sector. He graduated at Southampton University in Yacth and Powercraft Design, then he further enhanced his competences thanks to an internship at the Starkel Studio, firstly, and to the  2emmemarine shipyard, secondly.

During these two valuable working experiences, he followed the optimization process of a few successful boats, such as the M37 Low Noise of Giuffré and the new IY998 Low Noise 2.

After a long collaboration, Phi!Number chose him as the company designer for both his theoretical and practical experience as well as for his emotional involvement with the crews he works with. His mathematical approach led him to design and optimise many regatta boats characterised by high speed on water and effectiveness of tonnage certificates. 

In addition to his current position at Phi!Number, Matteo is actually chief designer at Italia Yachts for which he has coordinated the design and the construction of IY 10.98 and IY 13.98 models, and has directed the project implementation of IY 15.98, dealing in particular with naval architecture and external designers management. 

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