Roberto Spata

Roberto Spata Tutor

Roberto Spata as almost all the champions began to race on the Olympic dances by winning the Italian title in the Laser class as a member of the national team. In his career he raced on any type of boat winning today, 17 Italian Championships, 6 European Championships and 5 World Championships.

Roberto is not a professional any. In his caretaking he has held helmets, tactics and randists' roles with the development of sails and craft and crew training. In short, in perfect Phi! Number style.
It can be said that Roberto has devoted his life entirely to the sport of sailing but not just from a sporting point of view; In fact it has been doing technical and commercial tasks in Italy for 12 years at North Sails Italy and in 2003 was born New Wind, a commercial company, technical consulting and services, addressed both to shipowners and to major Italian shipyards working with The latter for the construction of some of the most important boats.

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