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Corporate training
The ​​shared values between companies and racing

Team building and incentive

Corporate training and sailing incentives are our strength. We collaborate with the best skippers and trainers specialised in outdoor training, using the most suitable boats for your project. Tell us your needs and we will organise an unforgettable experience for your employees, suppliers or customers in one or more days of water and land activities in the most interesting Italian locations. We’ll take care of everything: from general coordination of the event, to speeches of the best sailing champions, the logistics in the chosen location, up to any gadgets and media communication. Or neither if you want more then a one-spot date, we could define together a calendar of sport events or simple navigation experiences, working on training objectives under the guidance of skilled sailors and outdoor trainers. Problem solving, teamwork, trust, personal and group growth, sense of belonging, leadership and respect for roles, these are the main themes forming the program dedicated to your team. For months in your company that’s all people will talk about. Unforgettable.

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Technical training
Amat victoria curam

Customised clinics

Clinic, the most requested service in the Phi!Number training area. Tell us your doubts and gaps, the things you would like to improve on. We will carry out a growth program specially built on your needs, through an articulated training course both on land and water, directly at your sailing club or at affiliated structures, on board of technical one-design or directly on your boat. For you and your crew.

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Classroom seminars

How can I improve speed by adjusting the mast? How can I understand if the shape of a sail is correct? How can I improve my racing tactics? Which is the role of the navigator? How can I maintain concentration, respect for roles and silence within my crew? If despite many years of racing there are still unclear answers, don’t worry. Click here to learn more about the topics of our seminars – developed in collaboration with the champions and best sailing technicians – and satisfy all your questions.

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The topics covered in customised clinics, or in classroom seminars.

According to the British Psychology Society, mental training helps improve performance by up to 57%. Start thinking about it.

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The progress of the race and the growth of the team depend on efficient and disciplined communication.

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Tactics, strategy, racing field geometries, positioning with opponents, communication and understanding of the wind phases.

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Fast on water and on paper. The novelties of the ORC formula for the current year. A way to understand which changes to make to your boat.

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Mast adjustment for fast sailing.

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Use of instrumentation, polars, calibrations, data recording and communication with the tactician in the race.

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The optimisation of sleep for solo sailing, sportsmen and sailors of offshore regattas.

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