The experience gained in regatta
at the service of yachting

0% quay rumours. 100% professionalism.

Captain and crew

We find the best captain, sailor, hostess, cook or machinist. And if you have not been satisfied, we will always keep you covered during your holidays all over the world. Do you simply need someone trusted to transfer your boat? We’ll think about it!

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Logistics and transfers

Worldwide transfers, shipping and provision of materials, moorings and supplier management. We take care of all aspects concerning relations with shipyards, marinas, ports and suppliers. We book flights, planes, ships for trans-ocean transfers.

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Sails and sailmakers

In an ocean of ​​sails and materials, marketing is the king. Therefore let us put to challenge the most suitable sailmakers for the best product, with greater durability and better finished, all at the best price. To last over time and for greater ease of use and safety. Obviously everything under contract, in order to take advantage of the after-sales services around the world!

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Instrumentation and deck plan

Few people know that there are large margins on the installation and type of electronic instrumentation. And so in the configuration of the deck plan and the most suitable safety equipment for the type of navigation. Don’t worry about it and leave it to us! We’ll find the most reliable installation of electronic instruments at the right price and will be able to guarantee after-sales service, calibration and report of your navigations.

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