Sailing Team
Cippa Lippa VIII

Pier Paolo Gamucci
Roberto Spata

Cookson 50

1° – 151 Miglia Celadrin Trophy

Overall ORC winner at 151 Miglia Celadrin Trophy in 2015, the Cookson 50 Cippa Lippa with Duccio Colombi on board as tactician instead of Roberto Spata – tutor Phi! Number, official team tactician and boat developer – is one of the best performing boats of this size.

The Cookson 50 can without doubts be considered one of the most beautiful offshore boats. Built entirely in carbon with advanced techniques, canting keel and canard, the Cookson is technical, very fast with little wind and solid and performing on rough seas.

Thanks to Roberto’s care, Cippa Lippa has shown a gigantic up-grade in terms of speed.