Sailing Team

Flavio Campana
Alessandro Lotto

Melges 32

The Melges 32 circuit is one of the most competitive on the international sailing scene both for sponsors and level of the professional sailors involved.

After a first phase of approach Dumbovit, Alessandro Lotto and Flavio Campana’s Melges 32, participates in the 2020 European Melges 32 circuit with a professional team supported by Nutristar and Pharmanutra, well-known joint-stock companies famous for their commitment in promoting competitive sailing.

Phi!Number, alongside the owners, deals with the project at 360-degree: boat, crew, logistics and communication.

Go Dumbovit!


The world of competitive sailing is magnificent because its many variables allows the owner and his crew to activate all the sensitive skills that arise from the boat and the environment. Phi!Number has the quality of combining a teamwork sport discipline with great fun.
Alessandro Lotto