Sailing Team
Far Blue

Simo Beraha

Southern Wind 72

In collaboration with the captain, the owner and the suppliers, Far Blue can afford the best of the best on materials and services at the lowest possible price.

All guaranteed by ad hoc contracts to be covered anywhere in the world. For this Super Yacht reliability and safety are the real and only goal.

Far Blue, Southern Wind 72 with an unsurpassed style, relies on the advice of Phi!Number for the choice of sails, crew, and for the necessary advice while planning important sailing trips.


“I am happy to have chosen Phi!Number’s guys for my Far Blue. They have been able to convey serenity with their reliable and professional methodical approach, ensuring quality and in the meanwhile allowing considerable savings. Their services are born for the world of racing regattas but they are also useful for pleasure boating and I recommend them to all owners as a valid support for their captain. ”
Simo Beraha