Sailing Team
Mani Leste

Giovanni Sanfelice

Este 24

1° – Este Italian Championship

After a first phase of tuning the mast and changes to the mainsail and jib – designed and developed by Giovanni Sanfelice, North Sails sailmaker and helmsman of the boat – Mani Leste conquered the Italian Championship organised by Yacht Club Santo Stefano.

Mani Leste, Este 24 was assigned to Phi!Number’s development program; Giovanni Sanfelice at the helm, Duccio Colombi as tactician and consultant, and it won the title with a good margin (5-1-1-2-1-2 -1-1-2 the partials).

In second place the outgoing Italian champions with Giancarlo Simeoli’s Prima Classe of the Air Force Sports Section.

Mani Leste used North Sails sails.

“Thanks to Phi!Number’s preparation program and the refinement of North Sails sails, Mani Leste was fast. Very fast.”
Giovanni Sanfelice