Sailing Team

Giovanni Puntello

Skiff 4000

1° – Lario Cup (Colico leg)
2° – Italian Championship
1° – Lario Cup (Gravedona leg)

1° – Italian Championship
1° – European Championship
1° – Lario Cup (Colico leg)

Duccio Colombi at the helm and Giovanni Puntello at the trapeze are the Phi! athletes chosen for this one-design project, which started in 2018 when Phi!Number board decided to get back racing in the class of the British Skiff ‘4000’, buying one and preparing for the season’s events.

Optimisation of the boat, setting, crew management, logistics and communication: 360 degrees that led to conquering the “double win” in 2019 by conquering both the European championship in Torquay and the Italian championship in Gravedona, being sponsored in both competitions by Tecnoapp. In 2020 Phi!Number Team will be the boat to defeat for this class.


“I found myself collaborating with Phi!Number with specific goals: to win the Italian Championship and the 4000 European Championship in Torquay in England. It was interesting to plan the season, the training and the boat development, as well as the organisation and logistics in a lucid and professional way. Goals achieved! ”
Giovanni Puntello