Sailing team

Giorgio Massimiliano
Roberto Zambelli

One Off 62
One Off 69

2° – Maxi Race
2° – Bernetti Trophy
15° – Barcolana di Trieste

2° – Bernetti Trophy
18° – Barcolana di Trieste

13° – Barcolana di Trieste

Phi!Number is partner of 4Sailing for consultancy, coaching and tactics on board in North Adriatic regattas.

The collaboration began in 2017, participating in Barcolana in Trieste and was repeated annually by participating and good results achieved in some of the most important maxi yacht regattas of the upper Adriatic sea.

The results and the meticulous communication activity of 4Sailing, allowed over the years to attract the attention of several sponsors who still follow the team’s activity with great passion and transport, physically following regattas and participating in customised events in water and on the dock.

For its competitive racing, 4Sailing chooses winning yet complicated boats, with incredible performances such as the TP52, Maxi Yacht 70 or the Maxi full carbon Cantig Keel 62 Pegaso.


“Your arrival allowed 4Sailing to finally make the qualitative leap, Phi!Number is the missing link that we have been looking for for years to contaminate our team. We were not just looking for professionals, we were looking for empathy and sympathy enriched by great professionalism. I admire your effort to take us into consideration – we didn’t know each other and honestly we didn’t look like a real team – but together with you we managed to bring out the best. These actions have created an added value perceived by the sponsors, which combined the playful part with the excellent results obtained in the regattas. I conclude by saying that, to date, the partnership with Phi!Number is consolidated and for us at 4Sailing it is an indispensable reference point. “
Giorgio Massimiliano