Sailing Team

Alessandra Angelini

Classic Boat 10 M S.I.

2° – Les Regate Royales (Cannes)
2° – Les Voiles Des Saint Tropez
4° – Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge (Argentario)

Marga is a metric class of over 17 meters designed in 1910 by C.O. Liljegren (1865-1939) and built in Sweden by Hästholm Boatyard shipyard. In the 10 Meters International Tonnage category – the Olympic classes at the time – Marga participated in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics under the auspices of the Swedish Queen Victoria of Baden, originally the owner of the yacht.

Tomas De Vargas Machuca and the brothers Alessandra and Igino Angelini – current owners also of Shooners Puritan and Orianda, and three other 10M S.I. Tonino, Astarte and Linth II – restored it with meticulous philological research and involved Phi!Number to improve performance in the vintage boat circuit which includes the weeks of Cannes, Argentario, Saint Tropez and Naples.

With a gaff rig, Marga has extreme lines, with a stem rake that resembles more that of an English linear rater or more likely to a Copenhagen ruler of 1901-1908. A Swedish magazine of the time describes it as a hull with aggressive shapes, even a little brutal, but with the most beautiful sail that a Swedish boat has ever had.

Marga, together with Volpina, is one of the most elegant “woods” in Phi!Number fleet.


“Marga has always been a close-knit, young and enthusiastic crew. But we certainly lacked the structure. The arrival of Phi!Number has definitely changed things: method, discipline and a different vision of the approach to regatta. In the last season we have grown a lot, both as a group and individually, and the performance of the boat proves it. But never settle! ”
Alessandra Angelini