Sailing Team

Mario Pellegrini
Simone Tinteri


4° – Offshore Italian Championship

3° – Offshore Italian Championship

The great challenge of this totally Corinthian project (i.e. without professionals) was to help the owner Mario Pellegrini to give a professional imprinting to the crew, in order to dream of conquering the final podium of the long Italian offshore championship (composed of the most beautiful and difficult Italian offshore regattas such as the 151 miglia, the Palermo Montecarlo, the Roma per tutti, the Lunga Bolina, the Tre golfi, the duemila miglia, the Brindisi Corfù and many others).

In practice we recruited, evaluated and selected two key figures among our top-level amateurs to collaborate with the team. At the end of the first year the team gets close to the podium goal finishing in fourth place, but the owner is enthusiastic and asks us to double the supply of non-professional sailors so as to have 4 men who can alternate during the shifts by dividing the various crucial roles on board. The work of this second year bears fruit and the much desired final podium arrives, also thanks to prestigious successes achieved during the individual regattas.

Well done guys!