Sailing Team

Licia Bologna
Beatrice Milani

Mumm 30
Comet 41S

3° – X35 World Championship

Hip Hip Rosa! Here is one of the very first and most cherished projects for Phi!Number: the only female crew on Italian regatta courses for over 10 years on Mumm30, X35, H22, Comet41S and many other boats.

As often happens in the female world, the Velerosa team is the one that represents the highest level of determination and organisation. The results say that all, as over the seasons they often see the team in front of male crews.

In the X35 class, where technical level and physicality are very specific of the one-design class, they conquered the third place in the category during World Championship.

The Velerosa are using One Sails sails

“The transformation from passionate to determined sailors was not a short but certainly intense path: training after training, regatta after regatta, Phi!Number has given us the imprinting that’s needed to face a sporting event with the right attitude. Technical support and tenacity even when facing apparently stronger crews, has allowed us to obtain important results. Phi!Number is a state of mind, it gets into you and doesn’t leave anymore, therefore every time you get on a boat and you are about to race, you are programmed for that mission and often determined to achieve success! “
Beatrice Milani